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The Dream Shake Ticket Deals: Warriors, Thunder and Grizzlies

The Rockets and The Dream Shake have gotten together again to offer more discounted tickets to our readers. For the next three games, you can get discounted tickets. And now it's easier than ever! Come out and see the Rockets take on Monta Ellis and Stephen Curry, or Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook, or even Rudy Gay and Marc Gasol (I hate OJ Mayo).

The offer includes special pricing for the 11-24 Rockets vs. Warriors, 11-28 Rockets vs. Thunder, and 12-17 Rockets vs. Grizzlies games. Save up to 50% of individual ticket prices and pay no fees. Simply click on the link below and let the savings begin!

PW: thedreamshake

Please contact your Rockets representative, John Donovan at 713-758-7453 if you have any questions!