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Addendum: All Courtney Lee Needs Is A Little Time

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Courtney Lee is currently playing the most efficient basketball of his career, believe it or not.

Back in August when the Rockets made the deal to bring Lee aboard, I may or may not have gone totally berzerk, thrown a parade in my living room and inexplicably touted the man as if he were the realest player alive. At the time, I thought it was a great deal, both financially and on the court. And I still feel that way.

He's certainly a curious case, because while he is currently shooting the ball at pedestrian levels that fall below his career averages, his turnover rate is incredibly low, he has played very good defense and his usage is actually up from year's past. For all of the obvious reasons to rag on Lee thus far - bad shot selection, bad shot selection and bad shot selection - there are plenty of encouraging signs.

Like, for instance, that he has only played ten games as a member of the Houston Rockets.

Lee just needs more time. Perhaps a month or two, or maybe even more. But he's going to get it. Sooner or later, Rick Adelman will get him in rhythm with everyone else. Lee is one of the few Rockets who still takes those long, pull-up two's. Adelman teams usually fizzle those shots out and either run players off screens or use post players to capitalize on kick-outs from guards. He'll get it, eventually.

For now, though, realize that there are other parts of Lee's game that have been far worse in the past.