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Is It Too Early to Call Kyle Lowry's New Contract a Mistake?

I'm hearing all over twitter and the message boards in Rockets nation about how many think Kyle Lowry is well on his way to becoming fat and happy now that he's been paid. With his play as of late, it's a tough argument to go against. For me, it is way too early to call it a flat out mistake. But his play up to this point has been alarming. And all the people in the camp of "Lowry should start over Brooks" are quickly being silenced. So there's a silver lining.

But now that Lowry has gotten paid, has his desire for the game slowed down? He certainly looks less interested than last year. Let's take a closer look after the jump.

I commented on Twitter the other night that Lowry's ball handling looked about as good as a toddler with his/her bottle. He turns the ball over at a Steve Francis type rate and doesn't appear to have any handle on his dribbling. And the way he is trying to force his passes like Brett Favre through three defenders is appalling. And if he isn't doing that, he passes it into a sea of the wrong colored jerseys with no Rockets player anywhere in sight. Which brings the question of if he has gone color blind as well. I'm kidding...maybe.

Something I always criticize other Rockets fans of is the knee-jerk reactions to stuff so early. He's only played in seven games so far this season. So I'm not ready to call his contract a mistake. It's way too small of a sample size. I personally just don't think he is playing healthy right now. He has never been a great shooter, that's no secret. Which is a good reason I'm pulling my hair out with some of his Ron Artest-like shot selection. But he just doesn't seem as aggressive in taking the ball to the basket this year. And I've commented in the past that he looks overweight. Or at least heavier than what he was at last year. Getting a ten billion percent increase in salary (I could get the actual percentage, but I'm too lazy. And exaggeration is always more fun) probably opens up your dining choices.

I'm not ready to give up on Kyle yet, that's for certain. But I do think this just further proves mine and others opinions that he isn't ready to be a starting point guard in the NBA. He is what we thought he was; a great compliment to Aaron Brooks as a backup. The same Aaron Brooks who can't get healthy soon enough.

To say that Kyle Lowry is this teams only problem would be ignorant to say the least. But after a just two points, four rebounds and four assists after missing all three of his shots in 22 minutes of last nights loss to the Thunder, it's going to garner a lot of attention. It isn't like he has been setting the world on fire before last night, too.

With the sky starting to really fall in Rocket land after the unimaginable 3-8 start, everyone is looking to place the blame somewhere. Whether it be on Coach Adelman, Lowry or Gary Kubiak (He seems to be getting blamed for everything lately), I wouldn't be shocked to see changes on the horizon. A lot earlier than the February deadline that everyone expected before the season began. But cheer up Rockets fans. At least we aren't the only ones with a Center who just can't stay on the floor.