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Yao to Miss at Least Two More Weeks

In not so shocking news from Jason Friedman about 20 minutes ago, it appears Yao Ming has suffered another setback. His surgically repaired foot went through thorough examinations yesterday and everything looks okay as far as the actual area of concern. The tarsal navicular bone is completely healed and the structural integrity of the foot is intact. However, it was also revealed that he is suffering from a deep bone bruise in the ankle of the same foot. The result is that he will miss at least two more weeks from today.

So it's kind of semi-good news. He isn't suffering from the same injury or one as serious as usual. But he will again be missing more games. And I see no reason to believe that if something as simple as defending a shot causes this, it will likely be a recurring thing. I'm probably just frustrated, but how are there still people who get upset when I say the Yao era in Houston needs to end?

What do you guys think?