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Recap - Rockets lose to Raptors or "Wockets worse than Waptors? Woe is me!"

On Friday night the Rockets battled the ___Toronto Raptors___ but fell in defeat.  The Rockets were in a position to win, but couldn't (hold a lead, survive a third quarter comeback, get defensive stops, make a clutch shot to win the game).  The Rockets (lost, and/or were without) ____________________________ tonight, and the absence was felt.  The team is still struggling to find (a lineup, a rotation, a plan) that works.  Once again (interior defense, rebounding, closing out on shooters) proved the Rockets downfall despite another solid contribution from Luis Scola and ___Kyle Lowry______.  After the high hopes of the off-season, this is yet another bitter loss in a game that was eminently winnable.

So, there you are.  A little late, but you knew it all anyway.  We all know it by heart now.  Only two losses haven't been close, or winnable.  Does this give you hope, or make it worse?


Anyway, the Rockets can't lose again until tomorrow.  Fortunately, the Texans are on the job in that department.