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Jermaine Taylor Is 'Beyond Frustrated' With Rockets

From afar, it doesn't look like the Jermaine Taylor talks are going very smoothly, nor very quickly.

Taylor, who has yet to see the court this season, is likely the odd man out on the Rockets' roster after Houston signed Erick Dampier to a one-year deal. It was reported that the Rockets have been shopping Taylor in an attempt to acquire something for his services. If they don't find a suitor, though, they'll likely cut him from the roster.

We'll leave it to Taylor to express his thoughts on the situation, via his Twitter account.

First, November 2nd at 8 a.m.

I really hope the rockets lets me know something soon...

Now, just three hours ago, November 6th at 11:00 a.m.

Beyond frustrated...feels like I'm being lied 2

Is it a stretch to assume that Taylor is frustrated with... the Rockets? I don't think so.

Well, literally as I'm typing this, Jermaine shoots out another tweet. It's my guess the Rockets caught wind of the previous tweet and suggested that Taylor settle down. There's no hard evidence to point to such an intervention, but wouldn't the latest tweet indicate that Taylor had some sort of explanation given to him?

Looking 4 that 1st win over San Antonio 2nite....

Yeah, okay.

Hopefully - for the Rockets' sake and for Taylor's - general manager Daryl Morey will figure something out soon. There's got to be a team looking for a lightening scorer on the cheap. And, on Houston's front, Erick Dampier needs to be in uniform. Never thought I'd say that, either.