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Game 6 Preview: Minnesota Timberwolves at Houston Rockets

I take back what I said yesterday. This will be my shortest preview, but only because today's game is so uncertain.

I have no clue whether Aaron Brooks and Kevin Martin will play, or how serious their ankle injuries are. I have no clue if Kyle Lowry will play. I can't tell you if Courtney Lee will ever make a free throw. Or if the Rockets will ever box out DeJuan Blair.

Update from Feigen and Friedman: AB and Lowry will not play. Martin still questionable. Tweets here and here.

Update from Feigen: Speed Racer will go through pregame workout. He will try to play. Brooks hasn't been examined, but "it's going to be awhile." Tweet here.

So here are the starters (listed first) for the T-Wolves, as well as their backups:

PG: Luke Ridnour/Sebastian Telfair

SG: Wesley Johnson/Wayne Ellington

SF: Michael Beasley/Corey Brewer/Lazar Hayward

PF: Kevin Love/Anthony Tolliver

C: Darko Milicic/Nikola Pekovic/Kosta Koufos-aka "Euro-Squad"

Our bench is normally better, but with the injuries Minny has better depth at the point and wing positions overall, while the Rockets have the better bigs depth-wise.

Other notes:

Yao Ming will play tonight.

Looks like JT will get time if ABZ, Speed Racer, and Lowry are out. Good thing he hasn't been traded yet.

Jonny Flynn is out with a hip injury.

Minny traded Al Jefferson to Utah for nothing, so at least he won't get to abuse Yao tonight. Kevin Love, on the other hand is averaging 17/11, so we'll need to keep him off the glass.

The last time the Rockets played the T-Wolves at Toyota Center, Corey Brewer did this, and we need three overtimes to put those pesky Wolves away.

I'm tired of making predictions, so why don't you guys take a crack at it? Closest guess gets...brownie points. Because let's be honest: I have nothing of value to give.

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