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Rockets vs Lakers Gamethead - 1/12/10

Ah, the Lakers. Glitz. Glamor. Arrogance. Trolls on TDS. Toyota Center filled with Bangwagon Laker Wankers in identical Kobe jerseys. (Yes, after 8 games at TC with the Lakers I've yet to see ANY I repeat ANY other Lakers jersey. No Gasol. No Magic Johnson. Nothing else. Kobe, all Kobe, all the time. Have I ever mentioned that I don't like Kobe much?)

Anyway, the Rockets are to put it mildly, struggling. The Lakers are coping with the results of playing an average NBA schedule. Let's turn the season around tonight.

I'll send you off with a Phil Jacksonian statement:

"It's amazing how great Phil's teams are. If everyone realized what pretending to believe in Zen could do for them, everyone would do it."