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Was Stanley Robinson Slated For Rockets Call-Up Ahead Of Patrick Patterson?

Stanley Robinson, the 22-year-old forward for the Rio Grande Valley Vipers and former Orlando Magic second-round pick out of UConn, was hospitalized recently with a staph infection, according to Mike Anthony of the Hartford Courant (via Evan Dunlap of the Orlando Pinstriped Post). Keep Robinson in your thoughts, because staph infections are no fun - I've had a few of them myself. If you don't catch them early, they can become incredibly dangerous.

Personal experiences aside, here's my question on the subject: prior to the infection, was Robinson going to be called up to the professional club instead of Patrick Patterson, who received his ticket last night? The Rockets certainly weren't planning on bringing two Vipers aboard.

Here's what Anthony had to say on the subject:

On Sunday, former UConn player Stanley Robinson had 22 points and five rebounds for the Rio Grande Valley Vipers of the NBDL. He played so well, Jim Calhoun said, that the affiliated Houston Rockets were ready to call him up to the NBA.

Patterson and Robinson are each listed at 6'9, though Patterson is much more of a post-oriented player. In essence, despite Patterson's progress in the Valley, were the Rockets looking to call up a perimeter option such as Robinson, but forced to settle with Patterson instead? Or were they going to bring Patterson back up to the professional club soon, regardless?

Ponder it over, readers. I think Patterson deserves the call-up, but it's telling that Robinson - a late second-round pick - was apparently on the verge of coming to Houston before the Rockets lottery pick of the same draft.