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Report: New York's Anthony Randolph Back On Rockets Radar

Anthony Randolph is oddly polarizing for how little he has played in the NBA. He's a summer league sensation and a productive preseason player, but aside from a brief showing in Golden State in 2009 and a few dunks every now and then, he has yet to do much in NBA action. He doesn't play much defense, but he's incredibly athletic for his size and is one of those former lottery picks ridden with potential.

Sounds a lot like Jordan Hill - who still has yet to get on Rick Adelman's good side - doesn't it? If reports from the New York Daily News are true, the Rockets are primed to chase yet another Mike D'Antoni castoff who didn't see minutes in the Big Apple because he's a defensive liability? His defense wasn't good enough for Mike D'Antoni? Hmm.

Here's the report:

The Knicks have fielded calls from several Western Conference clubs regarding a deal for Randolph, according to a team source. The most compelling conversations have been with the Houston Rockets, who in one scenario would trade the Knicks the first-round pick they obtained in last year's Tracy McGrady deal.

I'm sure there are plenty more reasons why Hill or Randolph never found favor with D'Antoni, as there are equally a number of positive reasons why the Rockets might look into acquiring a budding talent such as Randolph. He may only cost them a first-round pick, but you have to wonder if the Rockets would want Hill and Randolph around.

Judging by the attitude displayed on Twitter by Daryl Morey recently, it sounds as if a single transaction will only serve as the beginning of a mini-remodeling attempt. Should the Rockets land Randolph, it could signal the end of the Jordan Hill era in Houston. 

Personally, I like Randolph's potential, but I've never been a huge fan of once-promising lottery picks who have been shopped and traded multiple times. If the Rockets think that the potentially luscious reward that is Randolph is worth the risk of trading a first-round pick - a pick that could improve should the Knicks level off once they start playing a moderately tough schedule - then I can bite.

I'd like to think that Randolph has been on the Rockets' radar for quite some time, so this doesn't sound like a panic move. We'll see how things play out - Randolph has been in discussions with a billion teams and has only moved once - but perhaps the Knicks will take more initiative this time around, with the hopes and dreams of landing Carmelo Anthony likely riding on their chances of taking back their old first-rounder.

Thoughts on this, by the way? Fire away in the comments.