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92.4% True Shooting - That Efficient Enough For You, Rockets fans?

Kevin Martin's offense approached statistical perfection last night.  92.4% True Shooting Percentage on 40pts.  That's unbelievable.  Why?  Well, it's possible to get a high, even perfect, True Shooting Percentage.  It's possible to get a lot of points.  It is rare to do both.  Last night Kevin Martin did it, while scoring 32(!!) in the first half.

In watching Martin more and more, I feel a bit sad that he's not a more aggressive player.  Or perhaps the word I'm looking for is selfish.  At any rate, Martin's first step is so quick, and his ability to score from all sorts of odd shooting positions and angles is so good, that I wish sometimes he'd just say "Screw this, I'm getting 40, and you can't stop me."  

I'm pretty sure I'm not the first to have thought this.  I'm pretty sure his teammates wouldn't mind.

Last night the Rockets never looked like they'd lose the game, but as with the score-fest in Memphis, it seems that when the Rockets realize they can score at will, they simply stop playing defense.  Cleveland ran the simplest of pick and rolls, with an outlet man waiting for a pass off a drive.  In the first half it worked nearly every time.  The Cavs scored on an annoying number of layups and wide open jumpers.  The Rockets made some truly average players in Antawn Jamison and Mo Williams look special at times.  

Apparently at the half Adelman reminded the team that some defense would be required for a win.  Just a little. In the 3rd quarter the Rockets laid down the law.  Adelman left the starters in for nearly the whole quarter, until the lead was solid.  The bench came in and finished the job.


  • Another good night from Brad Miller, who grabbed 10 rebounds to go with 9 points, 4 assists and 2 blocks.  
  • Chase Budinger finally( I hope) got well.  He scored 16 in 24 minutes and grabbed 5 rebounds.
  • Scola continued to fill up the box score with 14pts and 14 rebounds.
  • The Rockets got the bad taste of the (very annoying) Milwaukee game out of their mouth.  On that game, I'm really tired of the current NBA trend that calls every touch foul on the perimeter, but allows muggings underneath the basket.  A middle ground of some sort would be nice.  A cotillion at the 3pt line and a mosh pit under the hoop is just stupid and demeans the game.
  • Just because officials seem wary of Lowry's game, it doesn't mean he never gets fouled.  He should get some Kevin Martin lessons and make the officials call the foul.