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Game 24 Preview: Sacramento Kings at Houston Rockets

Sorry for the late preview. Medical school is hard and time-consuming. In similar news, the sky is blue. Tyreke Evans has been ruled out.

Onto the matchups...

PG: Kyle Lowry vs. Beno Udrih:

Udrih has been inconsistent but is still shooting 47% and 12/4/3. Normally, Evans brings the ball down too but tonight it will be all Udrih, who is a good shooter.

Advantage: Even

SG: Kevin Martin vs. Luther Head:

I hated Luther when he was in Houston. My hatred of him was only surpassed by my hatred for Rafer Alston and Jazz fans.

Advantage: Rockets

SF: Shane Battier vs. Donte Greene:

I want to start calling Sac-Town "Rockets West". They have Head, Greene, and Landry.

Advantage: Rockets

PF: Luis Scola vs. Jason Thompson:

He's getting 8/6 on 49% shooting. But let's talk about Carl Landry, who comes off the bench. Landry hasn't turned into the big-time contributor the Kings were hoping he'd be when they got him in last season's trade with the Rockets. He's averaging just 7/1 over his last five outings. Ouch.

Advantage: Rockets

C: Chuck Hayes vs. DeMarcus Cousins:

Cousins still need a lot of work, but I've seen him a couple of times already this season and I can see what the Rockets saw in him when they wanted to trade up to get him. I'll call it even here.

Advantage: Even



Kings: Omri Casspi, Carl Landry, Samuel Dalembert, Pooh (YES, POOH!!!) Jeter, Francisco Garcia

Rockets: Ish Smith, Courtney Lee, Brad Miller, Jordan Hill, Chase Budinger, Jermaine Taylor, Jared Jeffries

Advantage: Even, only because they have a guy named Pooh


Kings: Tyreke Evans out

Rockets: Brooks out, Yao out

Prediction: Rockets should win this

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