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For the record: Jordan Hill is pretty good.

(because I still do not understand the Terrence Williams trade at all... here is me switching gears)

Well, I hope Rick Adelman was awake during last night's game.  Especially this part.  Though since Jordan Hill actually got extended playing time... I doubt that Coach Sleepy was. 

23 minutes, 4-8 FG, 5-5 FT, 5 reb, and a +/- of +11 (team leading).  Not bad for part-time work.  He was even nice enough to foul out with 25 seconds left and let Chuck Hayes get some extra burn.

Seriously though, Jordan Hill is good.  He's not perfect.  He's not Yao Ming circa-2006.  He's not a guaranteed future all-star either.  But he's currently a better option at center than Mr. Hayes.  And he sure as hell deserves more playing time than the statue formerly known as Brad Miller.  I mean, honestly, when did Brad Miller turn into Brian Cook?!?!  If we needed someone to stand at the three-point line all game and get no rebounds on D, there are far more efficient and cheaper options!

The problem is that Rick Adelman strongly disagrees with my assessment of his front-court options.  Chuck Hayes has not necessarily been "bad" this year, but he hasn't exactly been great either.  He is also still only 6'6" on a good day.  And he is not going to get any better (or taller) with time - you already know what you are getting with the Chuckwagon.  Meanwhile, Miller is a former Kings player who is familiar with Adelman's "system" (whatever that really is).  Thus, I guess Miller is grandfathered in for "x" amount of playing time given his certain modicum of stature.  Even though it is mostly undeserved when better options are readily available.

On the flip side, Yao is still hurt.  Sad to say, this will never change. 
I have now reached acceptance of Yao's inevitable fate.

Hill nevertheless keeps getting buried.  Even though he's shown a propensity to be very good at both ends of the floor on many occasions.  Yes, he's still slow to rotate.  Yes, he can be a little awkward against quicker forwards and centers (who isn't?).  Yes, he is prone to stupid mistakes.  Each of these things, however, can only be cured in one simple, basic way:  give the man playing time.  Real, actual playing time in games that matter.  How else do you expect him to improve?  He's not a rookie QB in the NFL who is going to learn by holding a clipboard and watching the veteran guy get crushed by the blitz.  He's a basketball player.  So if he is to be part of the Rockets' future, let him freakin' play!  Because Brad Miller sure as hell isn't the future savior.

/end rant

(Alternatively, I highly suggest the Rockets look into trading for Washington's JaVale McGee.  Dude is a legit 7-footer with crazy hops and athleticism.  Yesterday's trade for Williams shows the Rockets are trying to get younger and more athletic - so let's go for the tallest and most athletic version!)