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Berger: Rockets' Martin Was Involved In Discussions For Gortat

Per Ken Berger's Twitter account:

"Done deal," @CBSSports source says. #Rockets tried to get in mix for Gortat, with Kevin Martin going to #Magic, but "couldn't get it done."

It comes as no surprise that Daryl Morey would attempt to snag Marcin Gortat (formerly of the Orlando Magic, as he was just traded to Phoenix) while he was on the block. The kicker here is that Kevin Martin's name came up in talks. Yes, Kevin Martin, Houston's starting shooting guard - owner of an APER just over 22 - was involved in discussions regarding a backup center who averages four points per game. Granted, Gortat is better than his numbers indicate; he simply doesn't get many minutes behind Dwight Howard. But Martin for Gortat?

Make sure you read this the right way.

Orlando, who was clearly in the hunt for a more active shooting guard (they nabbed Jason Richardson in the Gortat deal), likely brought up Martin's name first and dangled Gortat, knowing that Houston had interest in a center. My guess is that Vince Carter's name may have been involved as well - Gortat/Carter was apparently a package deal - but if this was indeed the case, I'm glad the Rockets didn't bite. Surely, they wouldn't have been the ones to offer Martin. They value him too highly, desperate as they are for added size. 

Now that Gortat is off the board, perhaps the Rockets will wait until the trade deadline to look for size. Christian and I think that Nene Hilario could be an option should Carmelo Anthony get traded (you'd have to assume Denver would go all-out in a rebuilding project if Melo leaves), but odds are, Morey will surprise us with something that we never could have anticipated.

Update! See Mike's comment below: Berger corrected himself and stated that the Rockets were indeed the one's to receive an offer for Martin and that they rejected it.