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The Rockets just can't quit Yao Ming...considering extension.

It's no secret that I am in camp "Move on from the Yao era." And after his most recent season-ending injury and the attempts at acquiring Marcin Gortat from Orlando, it appeared that this was finally happening. But Chris Mannix from Sports Illustrated posted quite an interesting tweet last night.

Houston hasn't ruled out extending Yao before end of season, if price/length is right.

Oh. My. GOD! You can't be serious, guys...

I know that this is just my opinion and not the opinion of the majority, but why would they even consider this unless every single year of an extension is based off of performance incentives? I just don't get it.

I realize that it does say "if the price/length is right." But this has "Cash Cow" for Les written all over it. What other purpose does a guy who never plays bring to this team besides revenue from China?

If this goes through at even some form of a lot of money and years, I will question this teams management and plans for the future for the first time since Daryl Morey took the reins.

Your thoughts?