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Rockets 127 - Grizzlies 111

I've not had a chance to watch this one yet. I listened to the second half on the radio whilst editing The DreamCast: Episode 5.  Who loves ya, baby?  

I'll comment briefly on what is a gratifying win.


  • This appears to be what happens if an opponent decides to stand around and watch the Rockets run their offense.
  • 16-23 3Pt is probably not something to rely on.
  • Brad Miller goes 7-7 (3-3 3pt) and 6-7 FT, grabs 7 boards and dishes 3 assists in 24 minutes.  That's a kind of cool night for your backup center.
  • Even cooler, or perhaps hotter, Kyle Lowry sets a career high in points at 28, distributes 12 assists, grabs 3 rebounds and notches 2 steals.  Only 2 points come from the line, and he goes 4-5 from 3pt range.  Is this a pointed comment about the Mike Conley deal?  Because I think the Grizzlies got the message, Kyle.  Loud and clear.
  • It's a road back-to-back in Chicago tomorrow, with the Bulls losing to Boston tonight.  Another revenge win would be excellent.  
  • Oh yeah, Kevin Martin, the invisible SG, drops 28pts on 13 attempts.  Ho hum.  This is Martin at his absolute finest and most frustrating if you're the opponent.

All in all a fun win, which I'll watch all of soon.  I'd be interested to hear your impressions, but it looks like the Houston artillery was raining 3pt shells on Memphis all night and Memphis just couldn't return fire.  Not much D played, not much D needed.  Chicago will be tougher in that department.