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Jason Kidd Is An All-Star? Where Can I Sign Up?

Jason Kidd is an All-Star in 2010. Does he still start for the Mavericks?

Apparently, the NBA loves assists. Just loves 'em. This comes as a bit of a surprise to me, since Brevin Knight averaged 10 points and 9 assists in 2005, and wasn't even considered as a possible alternate.

So, with that said, the NBA  suddenly going to deem Jason Kidd to be an All-Star this season. Because he does so many other things, of course. Like shoot open threes when his two All-Star caliber teammates get doubled. That must be it. Brevin Knight couldn't shoot threes. I get it now.

To be clear, my complaints come free of a personal agenda. I'm not here to support Aaron Brooks' case. It would make my day, absolutely, to see ABZ become an All-Star this year. That is, as long as Tyreke Evans was already on the team first.

Does 20/4/5 as a rookie not outshine 9/5/9? If not, then surely the way Evans' adjusted APER (20.6) trumps Kidd's (16.6) makes an impression. Or the fact that when the Kings need someone to turn to, they go to Evans and ask him to produce miracles. When Dallas needs a clutch basket, they call on Kidd to make a good inbounds pass to Dirk, and then get the hell out of the way.

When Sacramento needs a key defensive stop, they'll likely match Tyreke up against opposing team's primary ballhandler. If Dallas needs a key stop, they make sure to put Jason Kidd on the bench.

What an embarrassing decision by the NBA. I know this is the league where stars are preserved and protected, but this is ridiculous.