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Your Rookie-Sophomore Gamethread!

Well, it could be I guess.  It's sort of a joke.  I'm home with some sort of mutant galactic super-flu.  I've done both shots this year, and as usual, nothing helps.

I honestly enjoy the Rookie-Sophomore game about as much, if not more, than the actual all-star game.  NBA league pass has changed things, but its still a nice chance to see the younger players, to put their skills in context with their peers.

And I have to say, for a year that was widely, viciously, almost universally derided as weak, 2009 has produced just a slew of guys who look to have long careers.  Budinger could have been in this game, but the field was so deep there was no room for a guy who's in the top 8 of rookies by advanced stats.  Also present is cultural phenomenon Omri Casspi (no really - we already have the first of several babies to be named Omri.)   I hope that he will truly embody the sabra spirit, because the NBA needs caustic funny guys.

Also present is my personal cause, Dejuan Blair.  ---> Rant Begins <---  Score another one for college translations.  And if Blair does get hurt, so what, really.  It was a second round pick.  Those are worth $2 million each, as established by the Rockets last year.  $2 million?  That's just not that much risk for a player who was anointed by every statistical measure. And if you hit, those guys are super cheap.  If he can't play more than a year or two with no ACL, so what?  ---> Rant Ends <---