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Tracy McGrady Trade Rumor Update Thread Pt. 2

Something went wrong when I tried to add this latest update to the stream, but anyways, here's a new thread.

Update 13 (8:35 PM) Rockets Recruit Kings In McGrady Talks (via Wojnarowski[...Sh-t...]

As talks with the New York Knicks stalled on Wednesday night, the Houston Rockets quietly recruited the Sacramento Kings as part of a three-team trade discussion that would deliver Tracy McGrady to the Chicago Bulls, league sources told Yahoo! Sports.

In the proposed trade, the Rockets would get Kenny Thomas, Andres Nocioni, Beno Udrith and a Kings' protected No. 1 draft pick. Sacramento would acquire Tyrus Thomas, Brad Miller and Salmons from the Bulls. The deal would cleare cap space for the Bulls this summer and save the Kings as much as $15 million in salary next year.

The proposed deal was contingent on John Salmons staying with the Bulls, but that appeared in doubt with the Milwaukee Bucks expecting to complete their own trade for Salmons.

I'm thinking the Salmons deal puts this on hold. It makes no sense. The New York deal, regardless of pick protection, is far better than this. Something tells me this was never, EVER going to happen.