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It's time to poke Coach Sleepy with a stick. Or a cattle prod.

Someone please wake up Rick Adelman

I do not think he's aware that he has four new players he can put into his rotation.  Including Kevin Martin.  Who should not be coming off the bench like he's some sort of role player.  Also, with the depth the team has now, there is no way Chuck Hayes should still be starting.  We have two legit 6'11" guys now (Jeffries and Hill).  

There is also no reason Trevor Ariza should continue to have as much responsibility in setting up the offense (and don't even get me started on him taking so many 3s.  Another awesome 1-7 effort from Tweek tonight).  Ugh.

And would it be asking too much for Adelman to try to call a play or two?  I think I saw one "set play" drawn up during a timeout this evening.  Now is the time Ricky has to be earning his salary... alas, that would require him to come out of his winter hibernation.

That said, I'm not sure I can blame Adelman for everything.  ABZ being wholly incapable of making free throws at the end of games really cost the Rockets tonight.  Aaron Brooks is usually a solid 85% shooter... so long as the game is not close or in the 4th Q.  Tonight's 0-2 at the end isn't the first time we've seen him short-arm a freebie with the game on the line.

Speaking of poking people with cattle prods though, I need a good laugh.  So here is Eric Cartman trying to sing "O Holy Night":