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Game 57: Rockets vs. Spurs

The Rockets are once again up against a quality team - not exactly the prescription for success when you're sitting at .500. The Spurs were thought by most to be a contending team coming into the season, and while their record doesn't really show that, a few other indicators do. In any case, they're still a pretty deadly team.

The Rockets are 1-1 against San Antonio this season. The last time they met (January 22nd), the Rockets won by a decent margin, but that was partly the result of big games by Lowry and Landry. Yet again, the backcourt is going to have to really excel to pull this one out, and it would certainly help if the big guys could stop Timmy (also, please no more Hilton Armstrong. I said it when the trade happened - he sucks. A lot. Still, I imagine Chuck needs the rest, and Andersen hasn't really been tearing it up... I really miss Yao).

Trevor's still out, as is Lowry. Parker's out for the Spurs (listed as stomach illness - too many snails GET IT HE'S FRENCH AMIRITE).