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Game 58: Good Guys @ Bad Guys

The Rockets meet up with their classic nemesis tonight - on their home court, no less. And all of the Rockets' starters (save Chuck) played more than 40 minutes last night, while the bench isn't in the best shape, either. Not the best conditions to take on Sloan's crew.

But Utah comes off a tough loss to Sacramento (in which Carl Landry contributed 15 points), and it's not like Boozer and Williams played that many fewer minutes than Martin, Brooks, and Scola.

Just like last night, the Rockets are 1-1 against their opponents, and it's going to take a similar effort to win. Utah lost Ronnie Brewer since then, and while that's a big loss (particularly when it's part of a straight salary dump), I doubt that it radically changes the Rockets' chances. Nothing has changed on the injury front: Ariza and Lowry are still out. Utah appears to be uninjured.

Final note: this game will be on NBATV, which means that those of you (like myself) with League Pass Broadband won't be able to see the game. Sucks, I know. But please don't ask for (or post links to) illegal streams here. SBN rules.