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Googling the Houston Rockets


I thought this would be a sorta fun way to re-evaluate our team and what everyone thinks about us. So, I present to you: Googling the Houston Rockets.


Seriously? Three injury queries in the first four searches? Give the guy a break.


Only once does a search pertaining to basketball appear, that being "yao ming stats." Nothing specific to basketball whatsoever. Even his restaurant is more important than his basketball stuff. Yup, this guy is much more than a jersey.


Apparently, Luis Scola has a smokin' hot wife. Either that, or tons of girls out there are checking to see if he is married. Sorry, chicas, but Luis is taken. If you're into the Latino/Spanish flair, see: Gasol, Pau.


How does this still happen? Aaron Brooks was never any good in the NFL, and our Aaron is a borderline All-Star point guard.



Well, look. Trevor Ariza has his own Wikipedia page! And yet, people still search for his Wikipedia page, even if the option is presented to them already.


Shane's also a wiki-star, but how awesome is it that people are searching for his mustache?


Oh, no...


Is Kyle Lowry a tweeter extraordinaire? I, for one, find it interesting that the Rockets' quietest and least-known player is the most popular with social media.


He Went To Dayyy-vid.


Fitting, I guess.


Whatever. It's Hilton.

So, uh... whatever.


Jermaine Taylor is so unknown that Google makes sure to give Internet users a second chance to look up their favorite boxer if they've misspelled it, before allowing them to see what the real Jermaine brings to the table.


And there you have it. Chase Budinger, the only true Houston Rocket.