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Game 64 Preview: Nets at Rockets-Winning Streak Part 4. Please!

The obvious: we cannot lose this game. Why?

1) Playoffs

2) My friends will never let me hear the end of it.

Yes, I am saying that the Rockets need to take my pride into account for this game. I have followed the team since 1993. I have put in too much time and effort for them to lose to a team that is currently 7-57 with a game against the Thunder currently underway at the time of this writing. I don't want the Nets to become the worst team in history (1972-1973 Sixers hold the record at 9-73), but I don't want us to help them any, especially because they let the Mavericks rape and pillage them in the Jason Kidd. And yes, that trade will probably be in the Nets favor in a few years, but for now it pisses me off.

Point Guard

Aaron Brooks vs. Devin Harris

Harris really is a good player, and he wasn't going to improve much in Dallas. With new scenery, he's able to become more of the scoring point guard he was supposed to be. He's very similar to ABZ, but has better passing abilities. However, he's also shooting worse than 40% this season, so yeah...

AB played okay against the Wizards, and I'm hoping he took the three days off to rest as much as possible.

Edge: Rockets, but it's close

Shooting Guard

Kevin Martin vs. Courtney Lee

"The guy who missed that alley-oop to beat the Lakers in game 2" starts for the Nets. He's quick, has rounded out his game a little bit, and will improve as long as he keeps off the injured list.

Plus, he's dunked on LeBron twice.

Martin has turned into a one-trick pony with the Rockets. It's a trend that's been developing for a while now. Against the Wizards, he scored 21 points, but only had 3 rebounds. He also had 3 turnovers, 0 assists, and was 1-7 from the three-point line. He's still better than Lee, though.

Edge: Rockets

Small Forward

Shane Battier/Trevor Ariza vs. Trenton Hassell

Who? Exactly.

Edge: Rockets

Power Forward

Luis Scola vs. Josh Boone

Boone shouldn't be starting, but with Yi out they have to turn to him. He's averaging 4/5, and that's about what he'll give them. He also plays very poorly against the Rockets.

On the other hand, Scola=Beast.

Edge: Rockets


Chuck Hayes vs. Brook Lopez

Lopez is the bright spot for the Nets this season. He's averaging 19/9/2/2, and has kept them in several games. Say what you want about these Nets, but they've been in several games until the final few minutes, and Lopez is a big reason why. Hayes will defend him well, but Lopez might be the second-best center in the East.

Edge: Nets


Nets: Kris Humphries, Terrence WIlliams, Keyon Dooling, Jarvis Hayes. Here's why the Nets suck. All of these players, with the exception of maybe T-Will, would play for the Rio Grande D-League team of the Rockets. 

Rockets: Ariza or Battier may start, but either way, with the addition of Lowry and Ariza, the Rockets bench has become way better. 

Edge: Rockets, easily


Nets: Yi Jianlin (ankle)

Rockets: Andersen?

Prediction: Rockets win. They had better.

Also, I may not be posting a game preview for Monday's game against Denver. I will be on a road trip so I don't know if I'll have access to the Internet.

Finally, I want to send a shout out to Tony Battie, the only Red Raider in the NBA. Wreck 'Em Tech!

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