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*yawn*... not much to see here at the moment

So the Rockets have limped back to barely being over .500.  At least they have the Nets to pick on tonight (though the Nets have been quite feisty lately).  Then again...

as exciting as the Kevin Martin trade was, and as good as the Rockets are gonna be next year because of Mr. Morey's savvy trade skillz...

I'm finding it harder and harder to write creative and whimsical things about my favorite team.  Which kind of explains my recent absence here.   Yes, the Rockets will surpass 35 wins this season.  Which kinda sorta will prove me wrong... but not really.  And yes, the Rockets have a bunch of guys that you can root for now.  Even Tweek.  There's no more Rafer or Luther Head or Brian Cook... these are all guys I truly enjoy watching.  Even if Shane Battier runs up and down the court like he's 60 years old.

That said... I'm getting an Officer Barbrady complex about this team.  As in:

In light of this, someone give me a reason to return to being overly emotionally invested in this team.  WIth under 20 games to go and nice weather returning... maybe Coach Sleepy comes out of hibernation and the Rockets finish the season on a big kick?  Maybe?  Or am I grasping at straws here?  Someone - anyone - help me out here.

Oh, and the person who suggests "well, you only have 19 more games to watch Luis Scola in a Rockets jersey" gets insta-banned.  FYI.