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I told you so: Luis Scola is a complete and total badass

The concept of "Luis Landry" may be dead... but one thing remains the same:

Luis Scola is a complete and total badass.

And I told you so.

44 points, 12 rebounds, 3 assists...... and I do not care that it was against the Nets.  Scoring 44 points in an NBA game is not easy.  Unless you are Kobe Bryant or Kevin Durant.  Scoring 44 points when you are never the first option on offense and your coach never wakes up in time to let you play in the fourth quarter also presents a bit of an obstacle.  Because Luis Scola is the freakin' Man, such obstacles do not slow him down.  At least not on Saturday.  He rules.  And he better remain in a Rockets' uniform next October!