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Rockets outlast the Nuggets. And I'm beginning to have a love/hate relationship with Aaron Brooks.

The Rockets win!  This time an important game... keeping their fading playoff hopes alive.  Kinda like what the Texans do to us every single year, but I digress.  But it took a blown 11 point halftime lead... coming back from a double-digit 4th quarter deficit... blowing another lead in the last minute... and then making a game-winning running 17 foot shot at the end.  Talk about stressful!

Oh, and that overlooks the fact that Nick Anderson ABZ had a chance to put the game away with 20 seconds to go, but missed yet another clutch 4th Q free throw.  Again.  For an 81% shooter, he must be no more than 50% when the game is on the line.  If that. 

But just when I thought he couldn't possibly make things worse -- Aaron Brooks goes out and totally redeems himself !!!  I can't say I was happy when he released that last shot.  But it went in, and the Rockets won, so who am I to talk?!? 

Meanwhile, the guy who got snubbed as NBA player of the week went out and had another ho-hum double double with 23 points and 11 rebounds.  Luis Scola is kinda good people. 

Now that ABZ has tried to give me yet another heart attack though, I'm gonna go rest on the couch and watch Kobe.  I'll still very happy the Rockets beat one of the elite teams in the Western Conference.  If only they didn't make it so hard on themselves in the process!