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Game 66 Recap: Rockets 107 - Grizzlies 94

As a special Dreamshake service to our loyal readers tonight's recap will be presented in a phony Irish accent in "honor" of St. Patricks Day.  Since you can't hear it, you'll just have to imagine it.  Or go here and choose "Caitlin" to read the recap to you.  (You really should.)


Aaron Brooks certainly felt the luck of the Irish tonight.  Anytime you score 31pts on 14 attempts and make 7-7 3pters you should kiss the Blarney stone, or something.  Perhaps it's because he's a leprechaun?  I have to say that unlike Dave, my one-way relationship with Aaron is pretty much Love/Love.  

This was an odd game.  The Rockets looked horrible at the start of the game, and progressively got better.  They went from being abused in the paint, and looking as though the whole team was in competition to discover new and inventive ways to turn the ball over, to coasting along for an easy win.  Memphis is a close match in record, and is assumed to be our equal or better in talent, but once again the Rockets seemed to somehow turn on the jets, from the end of the 2nd quarter until midway through the 4th, and break the will of the Grizzlies yet again.

OJ Mayo and Rudy Gay combined for 18 points on 7-23 shooting, leaving all the heavy lifting to big Zach Randolph, who dropped 30pts to go with 15 rebounds.  Randolph is one of the few players that is big enough, and strong enough, to really take advantage of Chuck Hayes.  Unlike most players, Zach can actually move Chuck out of his way 

Once again the Rockets’ depth was useful, as having the complete team of 2009-2010 available really makes a difference. Jordan Hill is beginning to show us more and more, contributing 9pt and 9 rebounds in 20 minutes.  He's incredibly active on the boards, with quick feet and hands, and several times kept plays alive and threw down the ball with the authority we associated with the beloved Carl Landry.  

 Both benches scored 27 points, but the Rockets seemed to provide more quality, with Shane Battier contributing a timely 3 as the Rockets fended off a half-hearted Memphis comeback in the 4th.

More important the Three Amigos, Brooks, Martin and Scola continued to score.  It’s very difficult to contain the three of them, especially as Brooks and Martin seem to be getting more comfortable with one another.  Martin seems to know what to do, now all that’s left is for him to do is take his confidence up a notch.  Add a healthy Yao to the picture and the Three Amigos may well become The Four Horsemen.  This is looking to be a scary, scary offense. 

Tree Up

Aaron O’Brooks turns over a 4 leaf clover and makes 7-7 3pters.

Jordan Hill looks like a guy who might have been drafted in the Top 10.

Kevin Martin scores 18pts without anyone seeing him do it.  He may be a leprechaun as well.

And a special St. Patricks day shout out to Luis McScola who had an off night and still scored 20pts.

Tree Down

The first quarter – it looked like the Rockets didn’t really want to start the game and waited until the second to begin playing.

Not enough time for the bench – Coach Sleepy sees everything (correctly) as a must win, but we can’t expect Scola, Brooks and Martin to be as fresh for a long long stretch run at 40+ minutes.

Kyle Lowry – it looks like he hurt his ankle again. Uh oh. 

The Grizzly scene.