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Kevin Martin: Aaron Brooks Can Be "Greatest Six-Foot-And-Under Scorer" Ever

It appears that Kevin Martin and Aaron Brooks are going to get along just fine, thank you. Especially when one of them says this about the other.

"I knew (Aaron Brooks) was good. I never got a chance to see him play this much, but he is amazing. He is a scoring point guard. Most shooting guards don't really like that but I love it, just the way he gets everything and by the end of his career he is going to be the greatest 6-foot-and-under scorer that this game has ever seen.

That's some pretty high praise, especially considering that 5'9 Calvin Murphy played for the Rockets and averaged 17.9 ppg over the course of his career. There's also Allen Iverson, who is atop my list. But while Martin may be raising the bar a bit too high, it's certainly a helluva thing to say about someone, and this is Kevin Martin, efficient scorer extraordinaire, dishing out compliments.

As the Rockets become more balanced and begin to lean on Martin and Yao in the next few years, Brooks' numbers may go down. That should not, however, discount the fact that he's got more scoring swagger than any six-footer right now. Mark it down.