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Game 68 Recap: Lowry's 18 Off The Bench Gives Rockets Enough For 116-112 Victory Over Knicks

This one got a little too close. Luckily, Aaron Brooks knows how to make shots that nearly hit the rafters before falling through the nets. And Kevin Martin is really, really good. So is Chase Budinger. And Jordan Hill. But, mostly, we can thank Kyle Lowry for being awesome.

Notice the pattern here? We're beginning to witness a return to balanced scoring. I liked our three-headed monster era while it lasted, but if one of those guys had a bad night, then the chances of snagging a win suddenly tanked. This growing distribution of points and minutes also bodes well for one Luis Scola. We like to see him on the court, but not for forty minutes per game every night.

This brings up an interesting debate under the long-term vs. short-term masthead: how much do the Rockets want show off Scola for potential free agent suitors? They're obviously trying to make a playoff run, and in this respect, playing Scola as often as possible is a no-brainer decision, end of story. But his numbers can get awfully inflated and (gasp!) attractive if he is getting star-level minutes on a nightly basis. Does this possibly affect our chances of re-signing him in the off-season? It's doubtful that the amount of money he is offered changes dramatically over one semester's worth of performances, but it's something to think about. The Rockets should and will continue to play blind to this scenario for the sake of, well, winning. But from a fan's perspective, you have to weigh the options, because on most days, there isn't a whole lot else to think about.

Also, I  think Jordan Hill is quickly solving Scola's minutes issue quite aptly, by playing out of his mind. I'm hoping this keeps up.

Quickly, while the Knicks may have shot lights-out for most of the game, that was some pitiful defense. Yuck. Thank the lord that Bill Walker went 1-7 from behind the arc or else this could have been a tough L. As Jason Friedman tweeted, Danilo Gallnari wasn't this wide open during the three-point shootout.

(um... hey Tracy.)