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Excuse Me, Mike D'Antoni, But Nobody Cares What You Think

Jordan Hill said something recently about how un-awesome it was to have played so few minutes as a Knick. He studied up and decided to attribute it to Mike D'Antoni's steadfast refusal to play rookies over the past few seasons. He's half-right on that front. D'Antoni didn't play rookies, but he really didn't have any to play, either, mostly because he kept trading away picks for cash, like a smart person would.

And then, in response (as if he needed to provide one), D'Antoni said this about Jordan:

"Where does that come from?" D'Antoni said. "Seriously. It's something that cracks me up. I don't play rookies? I don't like to play bad rookies."

Ha. Remember, this is the same guy who told this to the New York media.

"I'd play Satan himself if I could win. I got no morals or scruples."

Given Jordan's impressive showing thus far as a Rocket (among many other reaons), I think it's fair to say that Rick Adelman is wayyy up here on the coaching hierarchy, and D'Antoni is lurking somewhere down there. But keep talking, Mike. It will really help you win games.