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Carl Landry's Shoe Dilemma


Carl Landry might be wearing a new uniform, but he isn't a non-Rocket just yet. That doesn't make sense, until you realize what this picture and this post have in common.

Take a look at the shoes that Carl is wearing in the photo above. Then look at the purple kicks behind him. They clearly don't match. Why? Because Carl is still wearing his Rockets' sneakers. You can tell by the red lining the top and bottom of the shoe.

Bill Worrell noted that one of the Kings' trainers colored over as much red as possible with a black marker, nearly ending any association that Carl had left with Houston. There is still that red sliver of Rocketness in him, until the new shoes come in, of course.

And that F=MA is perfect. Dare Kings fans decide to call him "The Scientist" or "The Physicist?" Eh, probably not.