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Playoff Day 2 & 3 Gamethread

Okay, we missed doing this yesterday, but here's a place to post comments about today's playoff games. Yesterday, the Nuggets destroyed Utah, while the Celtics, Cavs, and Hawks all easily defeated the Heat, Bulls, and Bucks, respectively. Not the most exciting stuff.

The Lakers started off the day by shutting down the Thunder, though it's obvious that the Thunder should be able to put up a pretty good fight in this series. Here's hoping, anyways.

Orlando is facing off against Charlotte as I type this. The Spurs and Mavericks will follow at 7:00 (CT) with the Blazers and Suns playing at 9:30. Dallas/SA will probably be really good. I don't have too much hope for Portland/Phoenix, given the Blazers' massive injury woes. Still, they've done a lot with Roy out, so they might pull off a few upsets this series.

UPDATE: Now with Day 3! Bulls/Cavs is on now, Nugs/Jazz will be on at 9:30 PM.