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Game 75 Preview: Rockets at Celtics

Ray: Didn't you ever see "He Got Game"? Ref: Yeah, Denzel was in that, right? Hated the son, though. Kid was a complete tool.
Ray: Didn't you ever see "He Got Game"? Ref: Yeah, Denzel was in that, right? Hated the son, though. Kid was a complete tool.

This is getting ridiculous. The Rockets face yet another team coming off a tough loss. In the case of the Boston Celtics, they have dropped two straight home games. The Celtics got blown out of their own building by the Spurs 94-73. Three nights later, they lost a thriller to the Thunder 109-104. So once again, the Rockets will be playing a pissed off opponent. Plus, the Celtics will play the Cavs next, so they will want a nice tuneup for that game.

The Celtics currently sit in fourth place in the East, one game back of the Hawks. I don't know who the Celtics would rather play, but finishing 3-4 with the Hawks would benefit them greatly, since they're 0-4 against Atlanta.

At this point, I would love to see the Rockets finish at .500. How many more ping pong balls will be get by losing out? Answer: not many. So just win. Sounds easy enough to me.

Eight games left. We'll be seeing plenty of Budinger, Taylor, and Hill the rest of the way. It's great to see them mature as players, and this is the time for them to work on their respective games.

This is depressing, so onto the matchups!



PG: Aaron Brooks vs. Rajon Rondo:  

Last time I said that I though Rondo was either the best or most important player on the Celtics, and I got a huge response to that. Some agreed, but most were skeptical. I understand that Rondo plays with some of the best players in the league, but I still maintain that he's a top point guard in the NBA. He passes, rebounds, and defends really well, and he's great when he takes the ball to the hole. He's got a jumper that looks like he peeled it off the side of the road, but name one player in the NBA who doesn't have a weakness. In fact, I would argue that Rondo is better than AB in almost every facet of basketball besides scoring. 

Advantage: Celtics

SG: Jermaine Taylor vs. Ray Allen:

If you don't know who Ray Allen is, you better ask somebody. He needs fewer than 150 three pointers to pass Reggie Miller as the all-time leader in the 3-pointer made. 

I just watched "He Got Game" last night, and it's amazing to see how bad of an actor Ray Allen was. It was also great to see him so young. I'm still not sure who the "He" was that "Got Game," but I'd say both he and Denzel have it. Jermaine might have it too. We'll see.

Advantage: Celtics

SF: Trevor Ariza vs. Paul Pierce: 

At this point, this spot will be played more by Chase than by Trevor, which is fine by me. There isn't a question of whether the rookies should play or not. They have to play. No matter what option the Rockets want to take with these players next year (keep, trade, move down to D-League), it's important for them to play now while the Rockets and other teams can look at them. I like all three of them, and all three really come into his own these last few games. 

It's gonna be a long offseason my friends, but I'm already excited.

Update: Ariza is out for tonight's game with flu-like symptoms. So we really will see Chase a lot tonight.

Advantage: Celtics

PF: Luis Scola vs. Kevin Garnett:

KG's 14 seasons have caught up to him. It's plain to see if you're looking. He's still averaging 15/8, so you know he can ball. He looks scary, and when combined with Perkins and Big Baby, they make up the scariest-looking trio in the league. Big Baby's name isn't scary, but he is. Even when he's crying.

Luis, you gotta hit those jump shots man.

Scola is the better player right now between the two, but KG has been playing better of late. The Celtics are asking him to step up, while the Rockets are asking Luis to step down. Of course I mean his minutes. The Celtics will feel perfectly fine with keeping KG in as long as he can go, whereas the Rockets have to think about Jordan Hill being able to play so he can get better.

Advantage: Celtics

C: Chuck Hayes vs. Kendrick Perkins:

Chuck is hurt, plain and simple. He's got a bum wheel, and that's limiting his already-limited effectiveness. All the things he normally does exceptionally well have gone downhill, and it's making him look like he doesn't belong in the NBA. Since we know he's hurt, we love the fact that he's a gamer and we gotta hope he's gets better for next season.

Perkins is like a taller, more heavy Chuck. Unlike Chuck, he looks really scary and I feel like he's going to eat me if he gets too hungry. I don't like that, but 11 points and 8 rebounds per game is not to be scoffed at.

Advantage: Celtics



Celtics: They'll go 7 deep on the Celtics bench. Glen Davis, Rasheed Wallace, Nate Robinson, Tony Allen, Marquis Daniels, Shelden Williams, and Michael Finley might all get time on the court. 

Rockets: You know who...

Advantage: Celtics


Celtics: None, of course, since they're playing us

Rockets: You know...

Prediction: Celtics are pissed (what else is new?). They win by 12.

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