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Watch Sergio Llull, Be Impressed

Sergio Llull averages 9.5 points per game for Real Madrid. That doesn't sound like much, until you consider that Madrid features a host of expensive European talent with guys like Ante Tomic, Marko Jaric, and Jorge Garbajosa. Knowing this, it comes as no surprise that the team's leading scorer, Darjus Lavrinovic, averages just 11.1 points per game. And it makes Llull's 20-point performance against Ricky Rubio and Barcelona last night all the more impressive. Take a look at the video above. It's probably one of the better looks at Llull that we'll get.

Sergio's a really fun guy to watch. He's fluid with the ball. He can (and will) shoot it from anywhere. Simply put, he has a natural ability to create an open shot. I like it.

His defense needs some work, but he does have plenty of lateral quickness and can get pretty intense at times. As most scouts say, it's all about dedication. Serigo appears to have that.

So, uh, is Llull better than Rubio? You have to ask, even if it's a bad question.

It depends what you're looking for. I can't make too many assumptions seeing as this is the first time I've ever seen them play together. But they're different types of players. Ricky is your franchise point guard type. He's a leader, he's confident, and you can generate your offense through him. Llull is a complimentary guy, an instant scoring threat off the bench. His assist-to-turnover ratio is solid, and while he isn't a great finisher, he has all the physical ability to get to the rim.

Word on the street is that Sergio doesn't want to come to the NBA unless he plays right away. Given his progress over the past few seasons, I doubt that will be a problem. If we ever decide to move Kyle Lowry or Aaron Brooks, I'd be confident with Sergio as our back-up. If other teams feel the same way, then perhaps we can use him as a powerful trading chip.

Either way, I'm just really, really happy that Daryl Morey snagged this guy in the second round. Chalk up another 'W' for the GM.

(via Ball In Europe)