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Things to do in Denver when you're dead...

The Denver professional sports community is officially "on notice".

First you completely screw up the NFL Draft.  The early trade-downs were brilliant............ but then you ruin all the smart stuff you did by trading up to take a WR not named Dez Bryant.  (Demayrius Thomas... meet Kevin Dyson.  Also known as the guy mysteriously drafted before Randy Moss in 1998).  And then you make a laughing-stock of yourself by again trading up to select Tim Tebow.  Which is just hilarious since every single scout says he's a project and can't really be expected to contribute as a QB at the NFL level for a couple years.

All that aside, it's no big deal... though it must have hurt to realize that Eric Cartman is half Denver Bronco.  Ouch.  Maybe that's your excuse?

The Broncos were not the worst offender though.  The Denver Nuggets just had to go out and completely shit the bed.  Three times.  In a row.  How do you let the freakin' Utah Jazz take a 3-1 lead on you?  You had homecourt advantage!  And you pissed it away!!!  It's so bad you made your coach sit through an agonizing interview with Rick Reilly to be exploited by ESPN.  As if cancer isn't painful enough.

I really, really hate the Utah Jazz.

Denver:  you suck.  Thanks for nothing.