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Remember What Happened The Last Time We Sent A Point Guard To The NBA Lottery?

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Feigen has the news. Aaron Brooks will be going to New York for the NBA Lottery.

The Rockets will send Brooks to be their representative at the NBA draft lottery. He returned to Seattle from a China trip on Monday and they made sure he was on board. He was a logical choice, comfortable and graceful on camera and with interviews, and he brings a chance to remind customers watching at home of a bright spot of the season over a month earlier.

The challenge, however, will be to come home with a top three pick.

The chances are slimmer than slim. The Rockets have a 98.2 percent chance of remaining right where they are, holding the 14th pick. The chance of moving to third is 0.7 percent, of picking second is 0.6 percent and of picking first is 0.5 percent.

When Steve Francis came home with the pick that landed Yao Ming, he moved the Rockets up from fifth to first. Not bad, and if the Rockets had a second lottery pick that year, they would have won again. Their numbers came up with the second series of ping-pong balls, too.

98.2 percent of even moving at all, huh? Psh, no big deal: Ray Allen missed three free-throws against Miami a few weeks ago. If he can miss three, then we can get a single ball.

Who else wants to start some premature John Wall-to-Houston conspiracy rumors? Just for good luck?