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Memo To Jerome Solomon: Please... Just Stop.

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In the latest edition of Jerome Solomon's recent string of "Screw You, Daryl Morey" columns (which is what we are all dying to read, amirite?), the self-proclaimed "King" has decided to attack Morey once again for... not tanking. Or, no, he's attacking him for not trying to win. Wait, what? WHAT ARE YOU SAYING, JEROME?

Had the Rockets picked up a top-three draft pick for not trying to win more games this past season, the year would have been deemed a bigger success. Instead, with them coming away with the No. 14 pick, the year is what it is.

Okay, so Solomon wanted us to tank. It's a fair wish to have, in the interest of gaining a high draft pick. Then again, nothing is guaranteed by tanking in the NBA. Ask the Golden State Warriors how much fun it is to go from having a top four pick to falling to number seven.

But that's his stance: he wanted the Rockets to tank. So be it.

Enter Bizarro Jerome.

They had only a 1.8-percent chance of getting a top-three pick. They would have had a much better chance at winning a series or even two in the playoffs had Daryl Morey brought in a legitimate big man. Translation: taller than Chuck Hayes and better than David Andersen.

Wait: so Solomon wanted us to actually win games? Doesn't that totally go against-- oh, forget it.

Let's wait and see what cutting the budget and saving money, forcing Rick Adelman to play with this past season's group of terribly-defending non-stars with a huge (and short) hole in the middle, does for the franchise's future.

Um, it will do a lot, actually. We can make a run at Chris Bosh or another talented free agent without sacrificing all of our assets in the process (*cough* New York Knicks *cough*). We can also keep our own players, like Kyle Lowry and Luis Scola. And then we can re-sign Yao Ming - he's that big guy you've been craving, Jerome. Remember him? He was injured this past season. Then again, that was probably Morey's fault. Stupid, self-destructive GM.

Normal Jerome returns.

Forcing Del Harris to play with a roster of role players with a couple of ready-to-retire former stars in '82-83 got the Rockets Ralph Sampson. For blatantly throwing games in '84 - the Rockets went out in style, losing 9 of their last 10 and 14 of their last 17, and who could forget the Big E showcase - the Rockets got the Dream.

Okay, so he still wishes we would have tanked. Can we put a stamp on this and keep ourselves from flip-flopping once more?

While there are no Sampson or Olajuwons in this year's draft, the Rockets don't need that much help to be an elite team. But they need help.

So, now Solomon is basically telling us that the last few weeks of material that he has produced has been a complete an utter waste. Not that we needed such instruction, but...

GUESS WHO BUILT THIS NEARLY-ELITE TEAM, MR. SOLOMON? Daryl. Morey. With a good chunk of cap space belonging to two players, at that.

Give it a rest. For our sake and for your own.