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See that picture? Taken from, the paragraph below it reads, "There you are, Chris, sitting on the bench with your Houston teammates laughing it up. It's probably late third quarter and you're up by 25. Get used to that scene."

As Kenny Smith would say, "Clutch... you win, young fella. You win."

It appears that ClutchFans' Chris Bosh love has overflowed onto an entirely different site, one with the sole purpose of sucking up to Bosh as much as possible. And you know what? It looks. freakin'. awesome.

Go there right now, take a look around, and soak in the awesomeness. Or, if anything, just click on the "Why Houston" tab, because it basically sums up the best argument I or anyone else could have made to Chris himself.

Now, it's just a matter of getting Chris to take a look...

I know, I know - I just wrote a whole post on why the Rockets will be fine without Bosh. And I stand by it. But I'm not going to abandon ship just yet!