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Daryl Morey does not have a fan in Jerome Solomon

A couple weeks ago, resident boy genius Daryl Morey used his Twitter feed to rip on a column by Jerome Solomon about how Rockets fans are accepting of mediocrity and that Morey hasn't done anything special to deserve a free pass from us all...

now, granted, Twitter still remains a ridiculously stupid idea and I resent anything that tries to limit me to 140 characters or less.  It also promotes bad grammar and spelling.  We just can't have that.  (Though it does tend to be useful when following poker players chip counts at the WSOP, but that's off-topic.)

It seems, however, that Solomon continues to be holding a grudge about this Interwebs fight.  Or maybe he simply has an undiagnosed head injury.  For today, Solomon posted a lengthy feature piece in the Comicle about the four GMs of the major Houston sports franchises.  It was essentially a long-winded way of Solomon saying how Morey is good........ but somehow not as good as Oliver Luck.  Who knew that backing up Warren Moon earned so much media respect?

Making matters worse... Solomon gives the best GM in the NBA a very average "B" grade.  The same as Texans' GM Rick Smith and not quite as good as the B+ Mr. Luck got.  Now, I am a huge soccer fan... but no one gives a shit about the Dynamo.  The MLS is nearly impossible to watch once you get used to watching UEFA games on FSN.  It's kinda like the Comets v. the Rockets.  Back when the Comets existed.  They may have won championships, but much like the 1999 NBA season - as far as anyone is concerned, it never really happened.

Morey's blurb is credited with getting Luis Scola for the human turnover machine... and then that's it.  No mention of hitting the lottery with a regular basis in the draft on Aaron Brooks, Carl Landry, Chase Budinger, etc. etc.  No mention of taking a team that was wayyyy over the cap and had no PG or PF and a sulking T-Mac and turning it into a competitive team without missing much of a beat.  It's as if Morey is being blamed for Yao's injuries and McGrady's doctor-shopping.  To which I say:  f--k that!   Instead, Morey gets downgraded because he gave a contract to Steve Francis.  Which, in actuality was a smart gamble that simply didn't pay off.  Nothing was really lost with the Francis deal.  It's not like we signed Francis instead of some future Hall of Famer or someone who would have made much of a difference.

So - you can have your Oliver Lucks, Mr. Solomon. In Daryl Morey I trust.   Nevertheless, this all makes me sad, because I fear Richard Justice may be leading Jerome over to the Dark Side. 

The moral of this rant?  Daryl Morey probably didn't get any Bs at MIT and he sure as hell isn't going to accept one from a guy who doesn't understand how underratedly awesome the Rockets' 2010 season was.