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Ha ha ha - suck it, Utah!

Ed. Note from Tom: To all of the Jazz fans out there who attended last night's game: f--k you.

I hate Derek Fisher. After that elbow he threw to Luis Scola last year, my distaste of Fisher turned to hate. But now I feel bad for him, because this is ridiculous.

Fisher also knew what the photo meant. The fan was mocking his young daughter, Tatum, who had cancer in her left eye. Fisher left the Jazz in the summer of 2007 to return to the Lakers so his daughter could receive what he considered was the best medical care available.

"It's crazy," Fisher said of the picture. "It really is."

Fisher wasn't greeted too warmly when he entered EnergySolutions Arena Saturday night. The Jazz fans booed him strongly when he was introduced, chanted "Fisher sucks!" during the game and cited his daughter during their trash talk.

Are you insane? Mentally unstable? Do you have any ounce of humanity in you? YOU MADE FUN OF CANCER TO A GUY WHO ALMOST LOST HIS DAUGHTER TO IT.

Get bent, Utah. You suck.