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We have an upset in the 'most punchable player in the NBA Finals' matchup!

Before the 2010 NBA Finals, if I posted a poll asking "Who is the most 'punchable' player on either team?" - the overwhelming, if not unanimous result would have been this guy:

Well, consider me stunned.  In an upset that may rival even Buster Douglas catching Mike Tyson by surprise, we have a new Champion in the "who I really, really just have an urge to punch" among the 30 players on both rosters.  No, it's not Kobe.  But to see who it is........ follow me after the jump.

The 2010 "Most Punchable Player in the NBA Finals is"............

This assclown:

This fucker flops around more than a fish.  It's the kind of behavior that should be reserved for players that do not have any recognizable offensive or defensive skills.  But, no - Mr. Pierce takes it to a whole new level.  If you get near him, he falls down and tries to draw a tripping foul.  If you're on offense, he clutches and grabs and then falls down when you do a shoulder fake.  Yet because he's an All-Star or something... the refs give him the benefit of the doubt and blow the whistle.


It makes you wanna punch someone.

Granted, his status as a Kansas alum does not help his cause, but his propensity to being an on-court douchebag this year makes it an easy decision.  Sasha Vujacic, you have been replaced.

Paul Pierce?  Grow a sack and stop acting like a bitch.