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Pulse of The Fans: Who Should Houston Select at #14?

Just over 24 hours until the draft and the rumor mill is lighting up big time. Nothing new on the Houston trading to the 4th spot yet, but we know they're still interested. If there is any GM out there that Daryl Morey could get over on, David Kahn would make my short list.

However, since Daryl has had the reins in Houston we have heard that the team would be trying to move up every draft. So, if nothing transpires and the team stays at #14, who would you be pulling for the team to select? I'll include all the players that could possibly be there (judging by recent mock drafts) when Houston goes on the clock. But feel free to add someone in the comments below if I don't have them listed. For example, I'd like Epke Udoh, but I don't believe he will be there when Houston picks.

The poll will be open until 15 minutes before tomorrow night's big event.