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2010 NBA Draft - The Dream Shake Invades NYC, Part 3: Grading The Lottery Picks


Well, that was a long two days. Fun time, of course - got to hang out with SB Nation bros Michael Levin, Seth Rosenthal, Rich Kwu and Mike Prada. Also got to finally meet Tas Melas and J.E. Skeets. And fellow Missouri Tiger (well, ex-Tiger I guess) Steve Weinman was in the building, chatting with all sorts of people and objects. It's also fun to have your view of the draft stage blocked by Mike Wilbon, J.A. Adande and Jay Williams conversing. Throw Kevin Durant into that huddle and you've got yourself the best Fantastic Four-some since Michael, Mike, Seth and I arrived at MSG. We're kind of a big deal now.

Only disappointment of the night? Mark Jackson didn't show up. If I heard correctly, the infamous Stephen A. Smith haters were back once again this year looking for Jackson. Every hour or so, they'd start up a new Mark Jackson chant and end it by simultaneously shouting, "HAND DOWN? MAN DOWN!" Fantastic. Everything I wanted and more, except for Mark Jackson actually being there. Stephen A. did show up though, so I'm sure those guys had a fun time asking him how the Cheez Doodles tasted.

Anyway, I thought I would do a little post on the first round and give some input on the picks based off my newfound insider knowledge on everything (yeah right). I mean, I did call the Patterson pick on multiple occasions, correct?

(Sorry, I'll stop gloating now. Jump, please.)

1. WAS - John Wall

Grade: A. Well, that was easy.

2. PHI - Evan Turner

Grade: A. Again, best player available and he fits a need. They've gone big for a few years now and it hasn't worked out, though Mareese Speights looked very, very good.

3. NJN: Derrick Favors

Grade: A. Made plenty of sense for them. Pair a stud power forward prospect with Brook Lopez. If Wesley Johnson had been the pick, there would have been some questions to be asked.

4. KAAAAHHHHNNNNN: Wesley Johnson

Grade: B. I like Wes Johnson, and he does fill a need here. But I think that the Timberwolves could have benefitted from trading down. If they couldn't find a good offer for the pick, then fine - this was the best pick that they could have made.

5. SAC: DeMarcus Cousins

Grade: F. You don't take DeMarcus away from the Rockets like that. Selfish, ignorant bastards.

6. GSW: Ekpe Udoh

Objective Grade: D. Udoh was a reach at six, and Greg Monroe was still available. How many more lanky power forward-center types can the Warriors select before they realize that their wing players are trash?

Biased Grade: A+. Thanks to the Udoh pick, the Rockets were able to land Patrick Patterson. This sent the lottery into an entirely different universe.

7. DET: Greg Monroe

Grade: A. Monroe was the best player available, and I like him a lot more for Detroit than I would Al-Farouq Aminu. You have to wonder what's going to happen to Austin Daye and DaJuan Summers now, but if you have a chance to take Monroe, those guys suddenly don't matter anymore. Good pick from the Pistons.

8. LAC: Al-Farouq Aminu

Grade: Inc. It doesn't matter what I think of this pick, because Al-Farouq's career is surely doomed and it's not even his fault. Eric Gordon might be the lone escapee of Clipperland futility, meaning that Aminu doesn't have a shot in hell.

9. UTA: Gordon Hayward

Grade: B. If anything, they're, uh, consistent?

10. IND: Paul George

Grade: A. Anyone landing Paul George gets an A. If I manage to draft Paul George on my fantasy team this season, I too will receive an 'A.' He's freaky-good.

11. NOH: Cole Aldrich

Grade: A+. In "upside" terms, they took Ostertag over Landry. Thank YOU, New Orleans! Greatest city in the world!

12. MEM: Xavier Henry

Grade: A. Seriously, this made plenty of sense. Media day only further confirmed my opinion that Xavier is going to be a very good player.

13. TOR: Ed Davis

Grade: Butterflies, gorgeous naked women, dandelions and smiley faces. Yes, yes and yes. Boy, I'm glad they took THAT guy.

14. HOU: Patrick Patterson

Grade: A. He doesn't fit a specific need, but Patterson does give us more size, more versatility and isn't going to screw up the locker room chemistry. You don't pass on a player of his talent at this point in the draft. This was a draft full of boom-or-bust candidates, and the 'boom' potential wasn't all that great for most of them. Luckily, Patterson isn't of that same mold. We know what we're getting, and we like it.

Opportunity to make fun of all of you who thought we should take Hassan Whiteside.


(did I not say he would become this year's DeAndre Jordan? Potential lottery pick, only to fall to the second round?)


Okay, that's good.