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Pulse of The Fans: Rockets NBA Draft Grade

Now that the 2010 NBA Draft is over and we no longer get to hear all of Stuart Scott's fun facts, some draft grades are already rolling in. Most of the mainstream media is giving high marks to Daryl Morey and company for the selection of Kentucky Forward Patrick Patterson at #14. And that's quite hard to argue. Incredible value for a low lottery pick.

But here is the part where you, the fans, get to let us know what you think. Did the Rockets hit a home run with Patrick Patterson? With all of the Power Forward's now on the roster, changes are inevitable. Be it letting Luis Scola walk or packaging Jordan Hill in a trade, changes are a coming. But from all indications, the team will not be moving Patrick Patterson. They seem quite ecstatic in getting the guy they targeted a possible move up for.

In our pre-draft poll, only 9% (52 Votes) of you wanted the team to take Patrick Patterson. So, kudos to you, gentlemen. Whereas the majority of us wanted Hassan Whiteside at 36% (201 votes) and feel really stupid about it now after he fell all the way to #33 to Sacto. Yeah, we may have felt pretty played now had he been drafted #14 now. At least I know I would have. But, as much as we gloat when we're right, we can be humbled as well.

So, onto the voting. What grade would you give the Rockets for last night's draft? And explain why in the comments below. And before you rip the guys for making only one move last night, take into consideration that free agency is less than a week away now.

Fire away, folks!