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Source: Rockets 'Trying Hard' To Acquire LeBron James

I received this text message a little while ago from a source with knowledge of the Rockets' personnel interests.

Daryl is really trying hard to get LeBron. We want him.

Yes, that's it. Fairly obvious statement, too. But I figured I would provide as much proof to the matter as I could.

LeBron James rumors normally don't phase me. But this is coming from a credible source, and after the ESPN screen shot sparked some discussion, I thought it to be somewhat relevant as well.

I also realize that anyone could post a rumor like this and I wish I had more information. Unfortunately, this is the most I've got. But don't label this merely as a ploy to receive attention. I'm not one for that kind of thing.

That said, isn't it nice to know that the Rockets are, at the very least, considering making a run at him? The chance that Houston lands James is very, very small. But it comes as no surprise that Morey is considering every possible course of action for this offseason. We'll see how it plays out over the next few weeks.