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Joe Johnson, Chris Bosh and Brad Miller...The Rumor Mill is Heating up in Houston

By now if you haven't heard the words "Chris" and "Bosh" attached to the Rockets, well you must have been with Xiane in the land without internet. So, as expected, with the mythical Free Agency of 2010 less than three days away the rumors are just going crazy this morning.

I've heard everything from LeBron to Chicago is a done deal, Chris Bosh is certain to go to Miami to play with Dwyane Wade and that both Bosh and LeBron were going to join Wade in Miami. And all of these reports have "solid" sources they are citing, as well. Which is nothing new. In the age of Twitter, everyone is desperate to "break the story" and they're just blurting out anything they can to be the first to get it right.

And while we have all assumed that Chris Bosh was going to be the Rockets number one target this Summer, there are a few other rumblings out there about some other guys.

Jonathan Feigen reported over the weekend that Daryl Morey plans to go after the Hawks' Joe Johnson in a sign and trade to help make the team more attractive to the "upper-echelon" free agents like Chris Bosh. He knows that Joe isn't on the same level with the big three (LeBron, D-Wade & Bosh) but views him as the next tier of free agent talent and a good complimentary piece.

Personally, following the Hawks as well as The Rockets, I have no interest in moving Kevin Martin (the likely outgoing player) in a sign and trade for Johnson. Joe, to me, is Tracy McGrady lite. Even though he never had the talent McGrady did at his highest level, he would have games that made you think he was well on his way to superstar talent. But then, when the big games came about, Joe disappeared. So, while I don't think it's a bad plan, I'm not a fan. Martin is younger and a much more efficient scorer.

It was also reported today that the team has every intention of going after free agent center Brad Miller this week. Feigen did say Miller was on the teams target list, but quite a lower priority. I'd be good with it, depending on the contract, of course.

But the oddest rumor I've heard today is that the team is planning to load three Toyota Tundra's full of Rockets fans to take on their recruiting trips with them. If the big free agent fish grant them a visit, they'll be greeted with adoring Rockets fans. I'd imagine it will be the Red Rowdies. Not a bad plan I guess, just...different.

So, the rumors are flying out every minute with something new. But I wouldn't believe anything you've heard or will hear in the next 48 hours or so. Take everything with a Yao Ming sized grain of salt until 12:01am this Thursday morning.