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Please Allow Me to Introduce Myself...

As your newest "Contributing Writer" to The Dreamshake, I figured I'd drop a line to all the readers and introduce myself.

My name is Mike and I've been a writer for SB Nation for over a year on Battle Red Blog. A page which I originally discovered after registering on The Dreamshake a little over a year and a half ago. I had tired of some of the guys over on Clutchfans and needed a new community of Rockets fans to talk with. Well, a good old Google search led me here.

After getting brought aboard the writing staff at Battle Red Blog, I also took a second writing job for covering both The Rockets and The Texans. Both I have been at for about a year as well. In addition, I host a Houston sports radio podcast show for the Texans and Rockets as well. And this is all while I pose as a Financial Accountant for a day job.

So, this probably sounds like quite a workload. I won't lie, it is. But when the opportunity to write for The Dreamshake arose, I just had to jump on it. After all, I'm a fan. And while the NFL is my favorite sport, The Rockets are my favorite Houston team...does that make sense?

Anyways, it's an honor to be here and I want to thank Tom for the opportunity. I look forward to working with everyone here as much as Tom will allow.

If you have any questions or anything at all you'd like to discuss, you can email me (it's on my profile page) or hit me up on my Twitter. If you'd like to scout my previous work and decide if I can cut it or not, you can do so at Don't Mess With Texans, Rocket Dunks, or just hop on over to Battle Red Blog if you haven't before. You can also listen to me bow down to Daryl Morey on my Sports Radio page.

So, again, I'm excited to be here and Go Rockets!