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Reasons to love the Rockets' new acquisition: Brad Miller

It's hard not to root for a guy who shows up at his press conference wearing camouflage pants with his jersey.  I appreciate that kind of mindset in my team.  Then he explained that he almost started his career with the Rockets but that he had already agreed to a deal with the Charlotte Hornets and "he decided not to begin his NBA career by reneging on a deal."  That shows character. 

And speaking of character.........

this is a guy who got into a fight with Shaquille O'Neal ... and survived.  The FatAss got mad that someone dared play defense against him and took a swing at Miller.  Due to being way out of shape, Shaq's "punch" missed Miller by about two feet.  Nevertheless, the mere fact that Brad Miller could get under Shaq's very thin skin so easily is a trait I greatly admire.  Because f--k Shaq, that's why.

Welcome the the Rockets, Brad Miller.  I think you'll fit right in here!