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CP3 - Oh? This *is* the droid you are looking for!

Dear Daryl Morey,

I'm sure you had a plan hatched for this contingency long ago... but...

Chris Paul apparently wants to be traded to a contender.  The New Orleans Hornets are broke, having aging assets and no reasonable expectations of making the playoffs or winning a ring.  In short, they are primed for being exploited.

Use the jedi mind trick, boy genius.  CP3 shall be ours.  It is our destiny!

/and hey, I like you ABZ, but we're talkin' 'bout CP3 here!

[UPDATE from Tom: Dave, Paul apparently wants to go to New York. That would royally screw our draft picks. Please, if you could extend this into a rant against all things New York, that would be fantastic. That is all.]